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Many people have asked me why I chose to bring weight loss coaching with Ideal Protein (IP) into my practice. It’s a valid question since I’m a very holistic and organic person and IP utilizes chips, shakes, bars, and foods found in boxes. The answer is pretty simple... the program works! And I know how to help people rock it!! I have learned so many little things that help people make big changes and allow themselves to see this way of eating as fun and manageable. It has become such a passion of mine to spread the IP wisdom! I had been focused for years on healthy living and eating, yet my metabolism wasn’t allowing me to feel healthy and lose weight the way Ideal Protein did. Not only did Ideal Protein work to unlock my metabolism and help my weight feel like it was melting off week to week, but I felt amazing while it happened! I knew I needed to help others with it, especially since I hadn't even heard about the program until 2020!

How could this amazing weight loss option have been around for decades just hiding under my nose?! I knew I needed to spread the word and help as many people as I could. Ideal Protein continues to grow and evolve to meet dieters where they are and bring them to where they’ve struggled and tried so hard to get to on their own. The food choices are amazing, it’s easy to follow (in my opinion!) and structured in a way that allows you to know that if you follow it, it will work!

The coaches are all trained and licensed healthcare professionals guiding dieters the whole way while dieters can unlock their metabolism to reach their goals. Then they are brought into stabilization and maintenance easily with an amazing, personalized macro code that becomes their new roadmap allowing them to maintain their success while eating things they love and may have missed while in the phase 1 weight loss phase. In short, it’s done beautifully well and with such high quality and biologically accessible protein that people report feeling better than they have in years. That was the case for me! I had been struggling with energy and inflammation issues for so long even while living what is supposed to be a “healthy lifestyle”. I was so frustrated to be doing things “right” but feeling “wrong”. Since I lost my weight with IP I have been feeling worlds better and have continued to even in the 2 years that I’ve been maintaining my 50 pound weight loss. I feel like I was blessed to discover Ideal Protein and I love helping people discover it for themselves! #IdealProtein #weightloss #TarnoffIdeal #keto #WeightLossCoach

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