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your path to Ideal health

Mother Holding Baby
    Erica Tarnoff, chiropractor with her daughter.


    Hi, I'm Dr. Tarnoff, a chiropractor who has been through a breech pregnancy, terrible nursing struggles due to tongue tie and lip tie, and crushing miscarriages. I have made it my mission to gather all the tools I can to help others through pregnancy and beyond. 

    Helping women during pregnancy and newborn babies is a passion and an honor. I do everything I can to help women feel supported and heard. We'll not only focus on helping your body feel good and function optimally, but we'll also talk through all things pregnancy and postpartum. 


    I have been a dedicated chiropractor for over 15 years and have been focused on helping people on their path to their ideal level of health and wellness. As a mother who has experienced significant physical pain and loss, I know what it's like to desperately want to heal and be your best for yourself and your family. I will do everything I can to understand you and your baby's needs so I can help you feel and function your best.  


    Evelyn F. 
    East Brunswick

    My son was one week post lip/tongue tie revision and although he was no longer restricted, he was still fighting me at the breast and displaying "colic symptoms". I was desperate to have relief for my baby. 
    Dr. Tarnoff had me scheduled within the week and 4 weeks later and my son is doing so much better! He is no longer projectile vomiting, no more excessive spit up, no more fighting at the breast. My now 14 week old is better at taking a pacifier and making improvements with both nursing and bottle feeding. I look forward to continuing to see improvements with my son and I highly recommend Dr. Tarnoff to any parent who's provider dismissed their baby with "colic" or who has gone through a revision.

    Dr. Tarnoff is nothing short of a miracle worker. I saw her for painful groin pain/pelvic floor issues while pregnant and within one session, I was already feeling so much better. My baby was also breech at 36 weeks and she not only calmed me down, but the baby also turned! What's more, Dr. Tarnoff really cares - she followed up with me after delivery and even wrote me a note of encouragement! Would give 10 stars if I could!

    Dr. Tarnoff is an amazing weight loss coach who is incredibly knowledgeable. She cares a great deal about her clients. I have tried the Ideal Protein protocol twice before and I have not had the kind of support Dr. Tarnoff provides, which is why I have been successful thus far. She truly understands my struggles and helps me through my own internal battles - which is more than anyone can ask for. Again, I couldn’t do this program without her. She is the absolute best.

    Tanya R.
    East Brunswick 

    Brittany S. 
    East Brunswick, NJ

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