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Mother Holding Baby Finger


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, non-invasive, bodywork treatment that stimulates the body’s capacity to heal.


The goal is to decrease compression and tension in the body and regulate the flow of fluid in the body. Dr. Tarnoff often provides CST for babies who are struggling, but she also works on 

When providing CST, Dr. Tarnoff uses a very soft and specific touch, no more than the weight of a nickel, to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.


Many babies dealing with difficulty breastfeeding, colic, reflux, sleep issues, constipation, ear infections, and decreased immune function have benefitted greatly from CST.


We encourage families to bring their infant in for this gentle body work as soon as possible after birth. When care begins before long standing patterns set in, often problems can be corrected easier.


When breastfeeding is difficult, many times an improvement is noticed following the initial treatment and generally within three to four visits a mother and baby are on their way to enjoying a more comfortable and peaceful breastfeeding journey.

Signs that baby would benefit from CST:

Tongue-Tie/ Lip-Tie




Head turning preference
Arching at breast
Falls asleep nursing
Failure to thrive
Painful latch
Poor sucking rhythm
Cracked, blistered, bleeding nipples
Blisters on baby’s lips or gums
Difficulty with tummy time

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