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Wellness is multi-dimensional and when we neglect ourselves, our path to wellness, and ultimately our quality of life will suffer. 


Ever since I was very young I've been on the path to learn as much as I can about science, healing, and nutrition. I have a deep passion for helping those searching for ways to feel better and feel like their best self.


Establishing new routines and habits is not easy, but I can help! Are you dealing with pain and inflammation? Or wanting a pregnancy with less tension for you and baby? Does your newborn need care because of nursing problems, digestive issues, or body tension? Are you struggling to lose or maintain your ideal weight?  Let's talk and find out your health goals and what I can do to help. 


With my 15 years of experience as a chiropractor, I will utilize all of my expertise and training to help you, whether it be with weight loss, prenatal care, or infant craniosacral therapy.

I'm a proud Jersey Girl- and I'm back to serve the community I love. Visit my Manalapan office and take the next step on your journey towards your ideal life of health and wellness! 

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